Shaped made-to-measure pipes

For brake, hydraulic and cooling systems

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Carminati Srl manufactures, delivers and retails stiff, copper-plated and galvanized double-walled shaped pipes for many sectors. We manufacture pipes up to 8 millimetres in diameter and larger sizes can be supplied if special dies are built.

We supply made-to-measure products manufactured to the customer’s design thanks to an expert technical department, a shopfloor using state-of-the art machinery and systems for testing the finished pipes that enable each detail to be checked to ensure that the product matches specifications exactly.

On request we deliver products directly to the customer’s premises by haulier or own vehicle.

Carminati Srl shaped pipes are ideal for brake systems, hydraulic systems, fuel ducts, cooling system sand refrigerator systems.

Our pipe shop can count on the professionalism of technicians and skilled workers, highly experienced welders and structural flexibility that enables production flows to be optimized as follows:

1. pipe cutting
2. shaping by press
3. joining
4. bending
5. pipe cleaning
6. final product inspection
7. packing
8. dispatch